Delight your partners
with ParcelPro

Empower your merchants and logistics partners by allowing them to manage all their orders with ParcelPro.

Used by some of the largest couriers and retailers

Onboard more merchants and logistics
partners with ParcelPro

Streamline your operations with ParcelPro by letting merchants manage their own parcels and organise their own shipments. Offer a complete delivery network to merchants, including your own OOH network (using LockerPro), delivery to door and to other OOH networks.

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Empower your partners,
with ParcelPro

Offer multiple logistics
providers to merchants

Partner with a variety of logistics providers and offer them to your merchants

Streamline operations

Improve operational efficiency with our automation features

Pickup, warehousing and
delivery management in one

Cover the middle and last mile, with ParcelPro

Advanced tech with seamless integrations

We use advanced technology and integrations to provide our customers with the best possible experience. Our systems are constantly being updated with the latest features, and we work with a variety of partners to ensure that our customers have access to the best possible tools.

Packaged with features for seamless partner management

Configurable services

Customise default tracking numbers, warehouse pick-ups and lead times, all from ParcelPro

Merchant wallet

Allow merchants to prepay for your services, improving your accounts receivable time

E-commerce plugins

ParcelPro supports plugins for most major e-commerce platforms: Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, among others

Onboard merchants your way

Customise the merchant onboarding experience by creating your own workflows

Schedule promotions

Win over new merchants with custom coupons and promotions

APIs for direct integration

Merchants and logistics partners can integrate directly with ParcelPro’s out-of-the-box API

We’re our first users

Frequently Asked Questions

ParcelPro is for companies looking to manage the entire delivery process from merchant to customer. If you simply want to open up a locker network to logistics partners, you will only need LockerPro.

We offer ParcelPro on a subscription basis with an initial setup fee. Any customised features are charged by manday effort required.

We provide support all the way through the implementation stage, and provide recommendations based on our experiences building networks over the world.

We work in the EU so we are compliant with all GDPR regulations, and are currently working on getting ISO28001 certified and SOC 2 compliance. You also have the option to only send Genius HUB data required to register parcels in the locker and keep any personal data for yourself.

ParcelPro comes with out-of-the-box APIs for integration with any of your existing systems.

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