Deliveries made GREEN

Reduce CO2 emissions
Your decision to build a locker network helps reduce local carbon emissions by over 25% per parcel.
76% less delivery vehicles
With smart lockers, you only need 1 van for every 4.25 delivery vans needed in traditional logistics. Save both time and money.
Save mileage per parcel
Data shows that smart locker lead to a 70% reduction in mileage per parcel in developed dense cities. Every green delivery counts.
No more failed deliveries
Smart lockers are open 24/7, and parcels are successfully delivered on the first attempt. Lockers never sleep.
Make every day –
Earth day
Our actions today decide what kind of world our children will live in 30 years from now. Let’s commit to making it a cleaner, greener Earth.

Introducing the alfred24 forest.

We launched the alfred24 forest to enable retailers and logistic service providers in Hong Kong to offset carbon emissions.

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    The forest is located in Real, Philippines.
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    Has over 500 trees growing in optimal conditions.
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    Already sequestered over 5,500 kilograms of CO2.

How it works

Step 1

Integrate your online store with alfred24

Step 2

Let your customers know!

Step 3

Receive your Tree Certificates
Join our community of eco-friendly innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.

Our goal is to plant over 3 MILLION trees

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