Parcel Theft Trends During the Holiday Season

In a concerning revelation from home security experts at SafeWise, the forecast for 2023 signals a distressing escalation in projected losses attributed to parcel theft.

Projections indicate a staggering $6 billion is at risk of being pilfered by porch pirates this year, marking a worrisome 5 percent surge from the previous year.

This disconcerting trend has amplified anxiety among nearly 65 percent of Americans, emphasizing the urgency to address the burgeoning threat posed by package thieves.

As the holiday season approaches and online shopping becomes integral to consumer habits, the impact of this issue is accentuated.

The report underscores a projection of 119 million packages to be stolen from front doors in 2023, despite heightened security measures and legislative interventions to curb this persistent challenge.

The latest research by, which delves into the experiences of over 1,000 Americans, explores personal encounters with porch pirates, concerns surrounding theft, preferred preventive measures, and actions taken post-incident.

As we stand on the brink of the holiday shopping season, these findings highlight the imperative of effective preventive measures and heightened awareness to ensure the security of the online shopping experience.

Amidst the evolving e-commerce landscape, porch pirates show no signs of relenting, posing a significant challenge despite increased security measures.

As we navigate this landscape, the report calls for individual consumer awareness and collective efforts to combat the growing menace of package theft.

Current Scenario

Package theft, often carried out by porch pirates, remains a substantial concern, prompting increased security measures and legislative efforts to curb this issue.

In the context of this ongoing challenge,‘s annual package theft research uncovers alarming statistics, shedding light on the widespread prevalence and significant financial impact of this problem.

Key Findings

  1. Incidence of Theft
    • 17% of Americans have experienced package theft in the past three months, with the typical stolen parcel valued at approximately $50
    • 44% of respondents have fallen victim to parcel theft at some point in their lives
  2. Financial Impact
    • Package thieves pilfered merchandise worth over $8 billion over the past year
  3. Holiday Season Concerns
    • Ahead of the holiday season, 88% of adults express worry about the theft of online purchases
    • 18% of adults have had a package stolen that contained a gift for someone else
  4. Recent Trends
    • 44 million Americans, or 17% of the population, have had a package stolen in the last three months
    • Recent thefts have shown a slight decline compared to the height of the pandemic
  5. Consumer Precautions
    • 18% of online shoppers take no precautions to ensure the safe delivery of their parcels
    • Less than one-in-seven package thefts are reported to the police

Impact of E-commerce Growth

The e-commerce sector has witnessed remarkable growth, nearly tripling its retail market share in the past decade.

Americans now receive an average of 3.5 packages per week, creating a lucrative opportunity for porch pirates.

Preventive Measures During the Holidays

Given the increased value of holiday gift packages, consumers are urged to take precautions:

  • Visible Surveillance: Employ home security systems and noticeable monitoring measures to deter potential porch pirates
  • Prompt Package Retrieval: Minimize the theft risk by promptly bringing delivered packages inside upon arrival
  • Strategic Shipment Scheduling: Schedule deliveries for specific timeframes when someone can receive them
  • Enhanced Security Technology: Invest in affordable and efficient home security systems, such as doorbell cameras, to fortify your defense against theft
  • Professional Monitoring Services: Opt for reputable 24/7 monitoring services recognized providers offer to ensure constant vigilance over your deliveries
  • Secure Delivery Locations: Choose secure locations, such as smart security boxes or trusted office mailrooms, to minimize the vulnerability of packages left unattended on your doorstep

Consumer Behavior and Awareness

Despite the prevalence of parcel theft, the top three consumer practices in response to the prevalence of parcel theft include:

  • Scheduling Shipments for Home Availability: 38% of respondents opt to schedule shipments for times when they are at home
  • Installation of Doorbell Cameras: 30% of participants have taken preventive measures by installing doorbell cameras
  • Preference for In-Store Pickup: 24% of respondents choose the option to shop either in-store or online with in-store pickup

Response to Theft and Reporting

In the event of theft, the report advises consumers to:

  • Verify that theft has occurred and confirm delivery details
  • Notify sellers and shipping companies promptly for potential replacements
  • Protect themselves through credit card purchase protection or home/renter’s insurance

Law Enforcement and Reporting

While reporting package theft to authorities remains crucial, the report highlights that only 15% of victims notify the police. Stricter porch piracy laws in some states aim to deter thieves and elevate the seriousness of this crime

Preventing Parcel Theft with Smart Lockers 

Smart lockers, exemplified by solutions like Alfred24, effectively prevent parcel theft and enhance overall security.

By utilizing smart lockers, property managers can:

  1. Ensure Secure Package Delivery and Retrieval
    • Smart lockers offer physical protection and security for packages beyond traditional deterrents
    • Residents receive 24/7 access to their packages within the residential community, eliminating the need for offsite pickups or schedule adjustments
  2. Streamline Operational Processes
    • Delivery alerts are sent through text, email, or a mobile app, simplifying communication with recipients
    • The unique code provided in the notification or the mobile app allows recipients to pick up packages, minimizing the involvement of property managers
  3. Offer Contact-Free Pick-Up
    • Smart lockers facilitate contact-free pick-up through barcode scanning or the mobile app, promoting a hassle-free retrieval experience
  4. Provide Weatherproof and Customizable Solutions
    • Durable lockers protect packages from various weather conditions
    • Customization options like color choices and wraps allow smart lockers to align with property aesthetics or branding

By leveraging smart lockers, property managers deter parcel theft and provide residents with a secure, convenient, and user-friendly solution. The benefits include enhanced security features, operational efficiency, and the assurance that packages will be safely stored until retrieved by the resident.


As online shopping grows, the threat of parcel theft looms large.

With nearly one in five Americans falling victim to this crime, consumers are urged to adopt preventive measures.

The decline in recent thefts suggests that increased consumer awareness and law enforcement efforts may contribute to a more secure holiday shopping season.

Nevertheless, ongoing vigilance and enforcement of stricter laws are essential to mitigate the impact of parcel theft on consumers and the e-commerce industry.

Statistics Source: Market Research Resources – Report by

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