Smart lockers for grocery deliveries in France 🇫🇷


Facing the challenges of offering a seamless O2O shopping experience, as well as trying to reduce the labor costs associated with home delivery, Intermarché approached alfred24 through our French distributor.

During the resulting project, we helped install chilled and frozen lockers at three different temperature points throughout France during Covid-19, automating their existing drive-through business, Drive24.

The result was temperature-controlled lockers installed nationally and over 18,000 home deliveries saved over a 12-month period, saving 90% in home delivery costs.



The Challenge 

With Covid-19 raging, the demand for e-commerce and their subsequent home deliveries boomed across the globe, none more so than in France.

However, Intermarché faced the dual challenges of offering a seamless world-class O2O shopping experience for their millions of customers, as well as reducing the growing labor costs associated with the rise in deliveries for their home delivery service, Drive24.


smart locker convenience for intermarche with alfred24

Our Solution

Beginning the project during Covid-19, we decided to take a phased approach, beginning with scoping, building, and implementing our world-class locker management software to ensure all operational requirements and regulations for cold chain were met.

This meant that the project team faced the challenges of having to move fast to meet the continuing rise in demand from O2O shopping, as well as complying with French cold chain regulations.

The team at alfred24 managed to implement this temperature control solution, to provide remote monitoring and reporting of compartment temperatures and automatic door locking if the cold chain is broken.

Throw into the equation the fact that installation occurred during the peak of Covid-19 in Europe, as well as the challenge of installing lockers across a country as large as France.

Our solution to these multiple simultaneous challenges was to create installation training and setup videos for the local team in France and provide remote support during onsite installation. Resulting in our ability to install the lockers in all corners of France.




Where most people see problems, others see solutions.

The partnership between alfred24, Intermarché, and our French distributor enabled the retailer to meet their best-in-class O2O service levels, while also shipping costs by 76%.

We accomplished this, despite a once in a generation global pandemic standing in our way.

Building effective partnerships and working towards a common goal can result in:


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