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With co-living on the rise globally, Asia’s leading rental accommodation provider Weave Living faced the challenge of providing safe, modern accessible storage for their tenants.

While also reducing the privacy concerns of couriers entering shared living areas for their tenants.

By partnering with alfred24 to install smart lockers in public areas, they enabled tenants to receive any type of parcel, 24/7.

While also reducing the manpower time needed to handle these parcels in reception.

Happy tenants, plus operational savings.

smart lockers in co-living spaces


Weave living and alfred24 shared areas


Weave living and alfred24

The Challenge 

The trend of co-living has been on the rise in recent years, offering a cost-effective housing solution, with the market set to reach almost $1trn but the end of the decade.

Expat hubs such as Hong Kong, have grown exponentially recently, offering tenants flexible short-term rental contracts, as well as the chance to meet people in a new city.

However, with co-living spaces having shared living areas and spaces, the delivery of a tenant’s personal parcels to shared areas affects both privacy and security for all tenants.

Additionally, Hong Kong is one of the world’s most expensive labour markets, meaning any extra hour or day of manpower needed has a large effect on a company’s bottom line.

Throw into the equation the erratic nature of Hong Kong e-commerce delivery, where a parcel could be delivered at any time during the day when the tenants are at work, the lack of ability to receive groceries and perishables, and the busy work life of the tenants all meant Weave Living needed a solution.

Weave living and alfred24

Our Solution

Having installed and implemented smart lockers in over 5 locations across the city, the team at alfred24 knew a smart locker solution was the best route to alleviate these problems, improve the overall product offering for Weave Living, and improve the tenant’s customer experience.

Initially installing the smart lockers across 5 of the most popular Weave Living locations, the smart locker solution enabled tenants to reduce the number of overall parcels that were delivered directly to shared living spaces in the apartments and common areas.

By picking up their parcels from smart lockers on their way home from work or out, our smart locker solution offered them a more convenient, secure, and safer way to order e-commerce delivery and pick up their parcels.

With locker utilisation at 21%, this also meant that only large parcels were delivered upstairs to co-living apartments, which only represented a fraction of actual deliveries.

Additionally, Weave was also able to benefit from the operational efficiency gains that come with reduced manpower needed in reception to handle these parcels.

Therefore the project has led to happy tenants, as well as happy landlords.

Win, win.

weave living smart locker process


alfred24 sustainability


Smart locker solutions have multiple use cases and can solve multiple problems.

Across multiple industries.

Our smart locker experience and software within Hong Kong means we were able to offer Weave Living a solution that improved their product offering as a business as a whole.

As well as increase operational efficiency.

With local knowledge of the Hong Kong e-commerce market, in partnership with Weave Living, we were quickly able to understand the tenant’s pain points and offer them a solution.

Local knowledge, industry expertise, and a customer-first ethos can result in:

If you’d like alfred24 to help improve your customer experience, while growing your product offering, get in touch.

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