Case studies

Trade Port 🇭🇰

Managing admin operations in commercial offices can be challenging, especially when dealing with a high volume of inbound documents on…

Case studies

Town Place 🇭🇰

  The demand for short-term rentals is on the rise globally, and Hong Kong is no exception. However, providing fast…

Smart locker financing header
Case studies

Smart locker financing 🌍

  The financing of building smart locker networks can always be a pain. To fill this void, alfred24 has emerged…

smart lockers in supermarkets for Brazil
Case studies

Clique Retire 🇧🇷

  Noticing a gap in the Brazilian logistics market, Clique Retire approached alfred24 seeking an out-of-home (OOH) delivery solution for…

e-wallet finance service
Case studies

E-Wallet 🇭🇰

  Working with a number of small merchants and vendors throughout Hong Kong, meant that alfred24 Delivery Hong Kong had…

mercedes benz and alfred24 smart lockers
Case studies

Mercedes-Benz 🇭🇰

  Managing assets worth upwards of US$100k, while providing around-the-clock customer service to buyers is no easy feat. Yet in…

weave living and alfred24 smart locker
Case studies

Weave Living 🇭🇰

  With co-living on the rise globally, Asia’s leading rental accommodation provider Weave Living faced the challenge of providing safe,…

Case studies

Smart lockers for grocery deliveries in France 🇫🇷

  Facing the challenges of offering a seamless O2O shopping experience, as well as trying to reduce the labor costs…

Case studies

How Maldives Post tripled locker utilization rates in just 30 days

Maldives Post was facing a high number of unsuccessful shipments and declining customer satisfaction. With the help of alfred24, they designed a plan to provide a quick, secure, and reliable way of delivering packages by allowing customers to collect their package 24hrs, seven days a week, through self-service smart lockers.