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The financing of building smart locker networks can always be a pain.

To fill this void, alfred24 has emerged to help finance projects through our Italian subsidiary.

With payment including all maintenance, software, and admin cost, this solution has been expanded to clients in France, Saudi Arabia, and Mongolia.




The Situation

With interest rates rising worldwide and capital lending from traditional institutions at an all-time low, financing growth projects has been challenging for businesses.

Less financing equals less economic activity, which equals less economic growth, normally leading to a recession.

To keep projects financed and economic activity moving, alfred24 stepped into this void.

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The Solution

Having installed and implemented smart lockers around the globe for over 8 years, alfred24 is well aware of the challenges of financing these large-scale projects from a CAPEX perspective.

Without proper financing arrangements, many of these projects stall or are never started in the first place.

Responding to this demand, we’re offering integrated smart locker network builders up to EUR5m in finance for an average payback period of 5 years, at low-interest rates, with approval times within 10 days.

All the business needs to do is to be in existence for 3+ years and show reasonable turnover, with a free cost calculation and projection by alfred24 to follow.

With the financing covering all key smart locker services, including maintenance and software-related services, it’s a fast and efficient way to keep projects moving.

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The alfred24 Value

Smart locker solutions have multiple uses, can solve multiple problems, across multiple industries.

alfred24 never set out to provide financing solutions, but when the market and economic climate demanded it, we saw an opportunity to help keep the economic activity moving.

Simply apply and alfred24 will take care of all the admin work.

Industry expertise, agility, and creativity can result in the following:

If you’d like alfred24 to help finance your next project, please get in touch.

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