Enhancing Customer Experience with Contactless Package Pickup

Contactless pickup example

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people interact with each other, and businesses are no exception.

Many companies have had to adapt to the new normal of contactless transactions to ensure the safety of their customers and employees.

One of the ways businesses have done this is through contactless package pickup.

According to Mckinsey, the global online grocery market is expected to reach $215 billion by 2025.

With 70% of consumers choosing to shop for groceries online, meaning implementing this solution is essential.

In this article, we will explore how contactless package pickup can enhance the customer experience and the benefits it provides to businesses.

What is contactless package pickup?

Contactless package pickup is a service offered by businesses that allow customers to pick up their orders without having to interact with anyone else.

Customers receive a notification when their order is ready, and they can then go to the designated pickup location to retrieve their order.

The process is contactless, which means that the customer does not have to interact with any employees or touch any surfaces.

Benefits of contactless package pickup

Contactless package pickup provides several benefits to both customers and businesses.

Here are some of the main advantages:

a. Safety

Contactless package pickup is a safe way for customers to receive their orders without coming into contact with anyone else.

This was particularly important during the pandemic, as it reduces the risk of spreading the virus.

Now we’re moving into a post-pandemic world safety is still just as important.

With contactless pickup ensuring customers don’t have to worry about parcels being left in front of doorsteps or with neighbours.

Safer pickup, greater customer experience.

b. Convenience

Contactless package pickup is a convenient option for customers who are busy or who prefer not to wait in long lines.

Customers can pick up their orders at a time that is convenient for them, without having to worry about interacting with anyone else or standing in lines.

For consumers with busy schedules and who are always on the move.

This convenience is essential, allowing them the flexibility to show when they want, and where they want.

c. Efficiency

Contactless package pickup is an efficient way for businesses to fulfill orders.

Since customers receive notifications when their orders are ready.

Businesses can prepare orders in advance and have them ready for pickup at a designated location.

This reduces the time it takes for customers to receive their orders and can help businesses manage their resources and operations more efficiently.

Not only does this help with operational planning, but also expense, as less labour and resource will be needed to deliver or fulfill orders.

Less expense means more profit.


smart locker efficiency
Any parcel, any time


How to implement contactless package pickup

Implementing contactless package pickup requires some planning and preparation.

Here are some of the steps businesses can take to set up contactless package pickup:

a. Choose pickup locations

Businesses should choose pickup locations that are easily accessible to customers and that have adequate space to accommodate the pickup process.

The pickup location should be clearly marked and should have signage that directs customers to the designated pickup area.

Using data to analyse traffic and footfall should be a key part of that strategy.

With decisions based on real-world implications and traffic.

b. Set up a notification system

Businesses should set up a notification system that alerts customers when their orders are ready for pickup.

This can be done through email, text message, or through an app.

Checkout how we’re building technology to help keep customers informed and orders flowing efficiently. 

c. Prepare the orders

Businesses should prepare the orders in advance and have them ready for pickup at the designated location.

This can involve printing out order receipts or attaching labels to the packages.

d. Provide clear instructions

Businesses should provide clear instructions to customers on how to pick up their orders.

This can include information on where to park, how to identify the pickup location.

And any safety protocols that need to be followed.

At alfred24 our smart notifications through text and email ensure customers know when and where to contactless pickup their parcels.

Best practices for contactless package pickup

To ensure a smooth and efficient contactless package pickup process, businesses should follow these best practices:

a. Clear communication

Clear communication is key to ensuring a smooth pickup process.

Businesses should provide clear instructions on how to pick up orders.

And should communicate any changes or updates to customers in a timely manner.

b. Adequate staffing

Even though contactless package pickup does not require face-to-face interaction with customers, businesses should still have adequate staffing to manage the process.

This can involve having employees monitor the pickup location and assist customers as needed.

c. Sanitization protocols

Businesses should implement sanitization protocols to ensure that the pickup location and any equipment used during the process are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

d. Feedback and improvement

Businesses should regularly seek feedback from customers to improve the contactless package pickup process.

This can involve sending out surveys or asking for feedback through social media channels.

The key driver of contactless pickup should be customer satisfaction, and this point should therefore be of paramount importance for all businesses.

Customer feedback and satisfaction

Customer feedback has been positive toward contactless package pickup.

Customers appreciate the convenience and safety that the service provides.

Businesses that have implemented contactless package pickup have seen an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With studies show that this increased satisfaction has led to increases in loyalty rates.


Easier drop off easier delivery with contactless pickup
Easier drop off and easier pickup with contactless pickup


Case studies: companies using contactless package pickup

Several companies have implemented contactless package pickup with great success.

Here are a few examples:

a. Intermarche

Facing the challenges of offering a seamless O2O shopping experience, as well as trying to reduce the labour costs associated with home delivery, Intermarché approached alfred24 through our French distributor.

We helped install chilled and frozen lockers at three different temperature points throughout France during Covid-19, automating their existing drive-through business, Drive24.

The result was installations at over 14 locations nationally and over 18,000 home deliveries saved.

b. Weave Living

With co-living on the rise globally, Hong Kong co-living provider Weave Living faced the challenge of providing safe modern accessible storage for their tenants, while reducing the privacy concerns of couriers entering shared living areas.

By partnering with alfred24 to install smart lockers in public areas, they enabled tenants to receive any type of parcel, 24/7, while improving safety and privacy.

c. Kerry Logistics

Kerry Logistics was able to launch an automated Click & Collect store in Hong Kong subway stations by implementing alfred24 locker solutions.

This allowed commuters to seamlessly order a range of products and collect them instantly, on their journey home.

Challenges and solutions

Implementing contactless package pickup can present some challenges for businesses.

Here are some of the challenges and solutions:

a. Technology issues

Businesses may experience technical issues when implementing contactless package pick-up due to the scale and nature of implementing the technology.

To mitigate this, businesses should have backup systems in place and should regularly test their technology to ensure that it is working properly.

Partnering up with a smart locker builder that is well-experienced in building technology in this area is another way to mitigate these risks.

b. Customer confusion

Customers may be confused about how to use contactless package pickup or may not understand the process.

To address this, businesses should provide clear instructions and should communicate with customers to answer any questions they may have.

Building a clear process within the technology and messaging is a quick and easy way to manage this flow and increase customer satisfaction.

With stats showing 90% of customers will not complain, yet will not repeat their purchase.

c. Staffing shortages

Businesses may experience staffing shortages when implementing contactless package pickup, especially if employees are needed to monitor the pickup location.

To address this, businesses can hire additional staff or can adjust their schedules to ensure that there are always enough employees available.

Smart lockers and contactless pickup however can help reduce this risk but planning pickup in areas where labour shortages may not be as much of an issue.


Contactless package pickup is a safe and efficient way for businesses to fulfill orders and for customers to receive their orders without having to interact with anyone else in a quick and easy way.

The benefits of contactless package pickup are numerous, including safety, convenience, and efficiency.

Businesses that implement contactless package pickup can enhance the customer experience and improve customer satisfaction.


Is contactless package pickup safe?

Yes, contactless package pickup is safe and reduces the risk of spreading viruses or other illnesses.

Do I need to interact with any employees during contactless package pickup?

No, contactless package pickup is a completely contactless process that does not require any face-to-face interaction with employees.

How do I place an order for contactless package pickup?

You can place an order for contactless package pickup by visiting the business’s website or mobile app and selecting the pickup option at checkout.

How will I know when my order is ready for pickup?

You will receive a notification through the business’s app or website when your order is ready for pickup.

Can I return items using contactless package pickup?

Yes, most businesses that offer contactless package pickup also allow for contactless returns.

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